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What is BIM?2022-01-07T21:13:25+01:00

The term Building Information Modeling describes a working method for the networked planning, construction and management of buildings and other structures with the help of software. The digitally recorded building data can be used to configure and monitor all automation devices for fire protection technology, heating, air conditioning and lighting fully automatically with the web services of the ARIGO Framework 4.0.

What is a communication system?2022-01-07T21:11:53+01:00

A communication system helps devices to communicate with each other and to collect and evaluate certain data.

What does IIoT mean?2022-01-07T21:10:16+01:00

IIoT is the abbreviation for Industrial Internet of Things and represents the IoT in the industrial sector.
In the industrial sector, sensors, instruments or other devices are connected to each other, allowing data to be collected, exchanged and analyzed. This data is forwarded to networked computers. Based on the data, it is possible to increase productivity and efficiency and thus achieve economic benefits.

How can I imagine building automation?2022-01-07T21:08:31+01:00

Building automation is about networking all the devices in a building so that the digital devices do everything automatically. This always results in “added value” if, for example, presence detectors are used during the day for intelligent heating and air conditioning control and at night, when the building is not occupied, these sensors are also used for alarm monitoring.  Then 1+1=3, so to speak.

What is Industry 4.0?2022-01-20T11:47:57+01:00

Industry 4.0 aims to merge IT with production technologies, thereby enabling innovative products and services. This involves numerous challenges. Technical standards and norms must be developed so that communication between man and machine or machine and machine can take place. The “Rumo” framework 4.0 developed by ARIGO can be used here in a targeted manner for the individual implementation of these requirements. Rumo already understands many of the communication standards used in the industry (LON, MBUS, MODBUS, BACnet ) and can thus integrate existing isolated applications. This saves a lot of time and costs.

What is IoT?2022-01-07T21:05:14+01:00

IoT is the abbreviation for Internet of Things and means networking.

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