Mixed operation of different control systems via a control technology and building management system

Building management and networking

We create strategies for intelligent building networking for our customers. We deliver cloud-based mixed operation of various control systems via a control technology and building management system. Remote maintenance and networking is possible via various paths, for example via VPN, IPsec, LTE or GPRS. For connection to the most common building networking technologies such as BACnet, OPC-UA, LonWorks, and many more, we use an IoT Edge Controller.

What is the advantage of using the ARIGO Rumo 4.0 framework?

The lifecycle of a building is often very long. The costs for a complete replacement by demolition and rebuilding are often too high.
Energy-efficient renovation of buildings often takes place several times during the lifecycle of a building. In order to be able to combine already existing technology with new innovative technology, “bridges” between old existing technology and the latest technology have to be created again and again. Thanks to the latest web-based automation technology with automatic “scan functions”, devices from a wide range of manufacturers and protocols can now be found quickly and efficiently, and existing functions and data can continue to be used. The ARIGO Framework 4.0 can be installed on a variety of embedded controllers, whose interfaces can be easily extended via USB.

arigo framework

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