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IoT and cloud solutions do not have to be complex

Especially when it comes to the topics of IoT and cloud, it is important to place the implementation of these in the hands of specialists.

That is why it is our job to develop and implement the best solutions for you, so that you can relax and concentrate on your priorities.

Building management and networking

We create strategies for intelligent building networking for our customers. We deliver cloud-based mixed operation of various control systems via a control technology and building management system.

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Digital Consulting and Data Analytics

Advanced analytics and predictive maintenance enable you to minimize product downtime and better plan your resources.

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Connected Products

With our field-proven IoT ARIGO framework Rumo 4.0, we succeed in networking your products via IoT and IIoT. Your data and analyses are made available in the cloud via connections to web services such as Azure, AWS, and many more.

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We offer you a manufacturer-independent remote reading of your energy, water and heat consumption. This allows you to monitor and control your heating and air conditioning systems individually from a distance.

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