One year of successfully deployed innovation

Visualization with innovative operating concept for a 4-star hotel


LookenInn in Lingen



For over a year now, hotel guests at the LookenInn in Lingen have been able to enjoy easy operation of all functions in their hotel room using a tablet PC or their own smartphone. An elegant wall-mounted display is installed in each apartment to set the lighting and room temperature. A simple photograph of the QR code on the display is sufficient to transfer all the access data to your own smartphone, and then conveniently carry out the operation from your smartphone. But also in the lobby as well as in the business premises, e.g. the light color, light scenes and much more can be easily operated and saved via a mobile tablet. This is how innovation can be experienced.


ARIGO Framework 4.0 with BACnet server on Samsung Tab A (Android 5.0).

Power supply: PoE (via STS-PE USB PoE Ethernet Adapter )
Communication: Ethernet (Lobby via secured Wifi)
Protocol: BACnet IP, Hardware used Loytec LROC-40x Room Controller with KNX, DALI, SMI.
10 rooms, 1x lobby, 1x kitchen
total over 8000 data points


Since the ARIGO Framework 4.0 is installed on each wall-mounted tablet, there is no single point of failure (SPoF), as is the case, for example, with a visualization on a central computer.

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